Product Features and Facts

This waist belt is 100% designed by Michelle Lewin. It has been thoroughly tested by her and others, updated whenever she has found any (minor or mayor) detail to improve and the quality is guaranteed the best on the market.

You choose yourself how to wear it. Some prefer to wear it in the gym, which also have a supportive effect, but some find it uncomfortable while working out or running. If you decide to use the belt while sleeping (which is highly recommended), start using it not so tight in the beginning to get used to the feeling of wearing while in bed, and them go harder and tighter with time.This belt moulds the waist, it does NOT burn fat or make you lose weight.

If you ever hear about a belt (with or without gel) that supposedly burns fat, then beware: it’s false marketing. No waist belt burns fat. Sorry to break it to you.The more you use it, the faster results. And the tighter you keep it, the tighter waist you will get. We do not recommend to wear it tight if you are new to the waist belt, you might give up to soon. Wear it light in the beginning.

The road to a tight waist is not a dance on roses, but the ones with the most discipline and the ones who can live with the annoying midsection pressure will reach their waist goal 100% guaranteed.Wearing this waist belt by Michelle Lewin is NOT dangerous. Your goal must be reasonable and do not let it get out of control. Dangerous is when it comes to extreme pressure and unnatural measurements.

For safety, this waist belt is not designed for extreme and unhealthy use. If you are in the risk of reaching unnatural waist measurements, the cardboards will not stick and the waist belt will not be tight.Triple elastic bands for the perfect compression of your choice.Inside material is Neoprene to avoid any skin irritation.