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Made with our proprietary SEAMLESS SO technology! SENSITIVE will provide an absolutely new experience of seamless clothing.Soft, flexible, with sporty character. You will fall in love from the first use.Wide belt perfectly keeps leggings in the right place. Special selections under the buttocks will enhance the shapes and you wil feel incredibly sexy.Leggings fit perfectly in the set with the STRIPES BRA bra.

Standard size, choose the size that you wear every day.  If you plan to buy leggings in a bright color, remember how important it is to choose the color of your underwear.Choosing a similar color of underwear guarantees full opacity.

Model dimensions: Height: 170 cm. Hip circumference: 93 cm. Waist circumference: 75 cm.Chest circumference: 89 cm. The model wears size S.

Material composition: 78% polyamide, 18% polyester, 4% elastane